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Mr. Rashyd Zaaboul

Mr. Rashyd Zaaboul
Modeler - Climate Change

Mr. Rashyd Zaaboul is Climate Modeling Scientist at ICBA. Before joining in 2013, he had been for 14 years a member of the Numerical Weather Prediction Team working on the Moroccan limited area model’s maintenance and development. His past work included physics schemes development (surface scheme, deep convection scheme), observations management and 3D-VAR data assimilation. He was also involved in assisting the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry in providing numerical forecasts based on data on temperature, humidity, wind, soil moisture and precipitation using the operational ALADIN- MOROCCO model.

He holds a Meteorological Engineer diploma from Ecole Nationale de la Meteorologie (Toulouse) and Ecole Hassania des Travaux Publics (Casablanca) and a master's degree in public management from Institut Superieur de l’Administration (Rabat).

He has published more than six research articles in peer-reviewed journals and proceedings.