Where We Work

ICBA is one of a few international research organizations in the world which work on management systems that address agricultural challenges in marginal environments. Marginal environments suffer from both biophysical and socioeconomic constraints.

Biophysical constraints

  • Soil constraints (texture, low fertility, poor drainage, shallowness, salinity, and sodicity).
  • Water constraints (saline and other non-conventional water resources, insufficient water access and quantity).
  • Landscape constraints (steep terrain).
  • Unfavorable climatic conditions.

Socioeconomic constraints

  • Absence of markets, difficult access.
  • Restrictive land tenure, smallholdings.
  • Poor infrastructure.
  • Unfavorable output/input ratios.

Land degradation and depletion of natural resources combined with the impact of climate change and a growing population require innovative thinking about sustainable management of both high potential areas as well as marginal environments to be able to produce the food required to meet the needs of a forecast 9.1 billion global population by 2050.

Where ICBA works

Since its establishment in 1999, ICBA has worked in partnership with national, regional and international organizations to implement programs in more than 30 countries spanning from Gambia in West Africa to Tajikistan in Central Asia.

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