Knowledge Hubs

ICBA strives to be a center of excellence for knowledge creation and dissemination in the global agricultural research and development arena. The center creates and shares science-based knowledge tailored to the requirements of its stakeholders, from farmers to policymakers.

ICBA produces and packages knowledge in different forms and formats, including research papers, policy briefs, and communication and training materials.

ICBA is committed to the principle of science-based knowledge as a global public good. It aims to make all knowledge it creates available to everyone at no cost.

ICBA works to develop knowledge hubs that are web-based repositories of specialized knowledge, to facilitate knowledge and technology transfer and decision-making. These knowledge hubs help address knowledge gaps and meet the information requirements of a wide range of stakeholders, specifically about technologies and solutions promoted by ICBA and its partners.

ICBA's knowledge is published on the following online resources:

  1. MAWRED Knowledge Hub
  2. ICBA Open Data Portal
  3. Scientific Publications