Dr. Nhamo Nhamo

Dr. Nhamo Nhamo

Senior Agronomist

Dr. Nhamo Nhamo is Senior Agronomist within the Crop Diversification and Genetics Section. He joined ICBA in December 2020. He is part of a multidisciplinary team working on the sustainable production practices and agronomy of crops such as quinoa, barley, mustard, safflower, date palm and Salicornia, among others.

Dr. Nhamo Nhamo started his career in Zimbabwe, working on soil fertility ameliorants for improved crop productivity. He worked on combinations of soil amendments to resolve soil sodicity and low fertility on sandy soils. He also worked on soil microsymbionts in cereal-legume systems and soil fauna in conservation agriculture systems.

He did his post-doctoral research on rice and later moved to work for the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) as a Consultant Agronomist. His research focused on rice yield gaps and gains using improved agricultural management practices. During his stint in East Africa, he collaborated closely with breeders, socio-economists, and rice value chain actors.

In Southern Africa, he worked on a cassava value chain program in Zambia. He was a member of a multidisciplinary team which studied the cassava production practices and improvement of the cassava value chain. Later he also worked with young entrepreneurs who had an interest in taking up agriculture as business.

Dr. Nhamo Nhamo also worked in the tertiary education sector. He held the positions of a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Crop Science and Technology, an Associate Professor of Soil Science, and a Director of the Institute of Research.

He has published more than 65 research articles in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters and conference papers.