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Research Themes

  1. Management of natural resources in marginal environments

increase agricultural productivity and thus improve food, nutrition and water security, and create jobs and livelihoods for communities living in these environments

  1. Climate change modeling and adaptation

enhance livelihoods, adaptive capacities and incomes of agricultural communities most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change

  1. Crop improvement and sustainable production

increase adaptive capacities, livelihoods and food security of smallholder farmers and rural communities

  1. Integrated agri-aquaculture systems

help reduce environmental footprint, increase incomes of farming communities and improve their adaptive capacities to climate change

Our Vision & Mission


Sustainable livelihoods and food security in marginal environments


To work in partnership to deliver agricultural and water scarcity solutions in marginal environments

Strategic objectives

  • Promote sustainable management of natural resources
  • Provide climate change solutions
  • Enhance agricultural value chains
  • Advance sustainable food, feed & biofuel agri-technologies

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Our Work

We identify, test and introduce resource‐efficient, climate‐smart crops and technologies that are best suited to different regions affected by salinity, water scarcity and drought.

Through our work, we help to improve food security and nutrition and create jobs and livelihoods for some of the poorest rural communities around the world.

We support decision-makers in designing policies and strategies to improve natural resource management, mitigate and adapt to climate change effects and other challenges, and enhance agricultural production in marginal environments.

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